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Lived space is a term used in the works of Henri Lefebvre and Edward Soja, it is also called the space of representations. If you talk about Lived space and experiences of people, we speak about a holistic way of thinking about communication in society. Within the trialectics of spatiality ( firstspace - secondspace - thirdspace ) the 'lived' takes place as a result of first and secondspace duality. Soja therefore speaks of thirding-as-othering ( Soja, 1996 ). It is a space that is reimagend form absolute space to a third element. This is the space where social relations take place and where we actively experience it in everyday life ( H. Ernste, personal communication, 21 september 2010 ).

Lefebre speaks of (lived) space being crucial for things in life to function well to all levels. ( Lefebvre, 1991 ) Some difficulties we have to deal with in live is that our society has lost it’s way: certain lights are denied. Our lived experience and space is so-called holistic build, but we need clear lights upon them to see clear. ( Lefebvre 1991 ). Some key solutions of creating a successful build society rests on education, maybe in different alternative settings like public communication. So, academics can alienate people on the other hand. On the other hand, what we have to deal with is to come to a total space in which we live.

Lefebvre (1991) talks about the absolute and conceived space leading to a certain ' lived space ', because they don't show how people experience space. In a way the lived space denounce the dominant thinking about space in a practical and conceived way. This field faces passion and struggle to find it's way.


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